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Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai


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Release dates

Oct 24, 2003



Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai

Oriental Blue: Ao no Tengai

Release date

Oct 24, 2003



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Average playtime

26 hours

Main story

47 hours

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About the game

Oriental Blue is an RPG from the Far East of Eden series. It has a unique magic system and different pathways the story can take depending on in-game choices. The game continues the tradition of the series. You play as either Tenran or Aoi, a teenage boy and girl, respectively, on quest to defeat the ancient evil that threatens the prosperous land of Jipang, to prove themselves worthy of the legendary Fire Clan, warriors who have been protecting Jipang for many generations from evil demons and warlocks. The land Jipang is very similar to medieval Japan, and during your adventure you'll also visit Mongolia, China, and other Asian countries. The most important new feature of the game is a non-linear storyline. You can tackle many missions in any order you want, and the storyline also changes depending on the outcome of major battles. If you lose against a boss enemy, the game is not over, but instead, a branching storyline path is revealed. Otherwise, the gameplay is similar to other Far East of Eden games, featuring overworld map traveling and first person perspective, turn-based combat.


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Release dates

Oct 24, 2003



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